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young females admiring artwork in an art gallery young females admiring artwork in an art gallery

The Art of Seeing™

Empathy, Perception and Resilience through visual art.

Learn to see. See to learn.


The Art of Seeing™ is a visual literacy program developed in partnership with the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine and the McMaster Museum of Art. The Art of Seeing program has been specially designed to enhance empathy, perception, and resilience and to support the professional growth and self-care of its participants through learning to look at visual art. The Art of Seeing program both embraces and demonstrates the idea that visual art can teach us to better understand ourselves and others.

The program will be offered as one half-day workshop, delivered virtually via the MCE virtual classroom.


To enhance and support professional growth, resilience, and wellbeing. This workshop uses works of art as the basis for learning, paired with facilitated discussions and narrative writing activities to develop greater skills in:

  • Perception
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Innovation

Learning Objectives

  • To experience the histories, philosophies, and frameworks behind community development/engagement approaches
  • To identify and use values of humanistic leadership
  • To acquire skills in observation, communication, active listening, empathy and compassion, and creative and critical thinking
  • To identify and create professional connections and networks for community engagement through:
  1. Recognizing and identifying personal histories, cultures, and biases based on geography, socio-economic situation, education, health, etc., and how we see power, identity, privilege, and equity
  2. Formal analysis and interpretation of visual art that builds capacities in the description, observation, communication, and object-based problem-solving in a group context
  3. To describe how art galleries and museums now include artwork and objects that chronicle the histories of underrepresented groups and work of artists whose work addresses contemporary social issues of our time​