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3 students standing in front of an agile project management scrum task board 3 students standing in front of an agile project management scrum task board

Advanced Strategic Marketing Techniques

Elevate your marketing. Enhance your strategy.

Program Unavailable as of Fall 2019


*Please note: the Advanced Strategic Marketing Techniques program is not being offered at this time. 

More information will be coming soon. 


McMaster University Continuing Education's Advanced Strategic Marketing Techniques program will provide students opportunities to incorporate a higher level of workplace skills and educational background. 

What will you learn?

Students who successfully complete the five courses of the program will be able to do the following:

  • Directly implement a market-ready strategy to inform the planning of project length, scope and implementation of marketing projects.
  • Describe the common terms and methods of project strategy, the planning of small to large scale projects, and implementation (and subsequent evaluation) of project phases.
  • Identify challenges in complex projects and utilize techniques to problem solve.
  • Differentiate how strategic marketing varies in diverse organizational/workplace contexts.
  • Describe the key elements of different kinds of evaluation.

Who should take the Advanced Strategic Marketing Techniques program?

  • Those ​who have 4+ years of marketing career experience
  • Those who have a completed undergraduate degree or diploma in Marketing

By utilizing already enhanced experience, students in this program will apply their experience to the theory and then back into their own workplaces. 

As a five-course certificate program, students will expand on theoretical knowledge targeted at the experienced marketing professional.  Each specific course will target areas within the functions of workplace marketing and will deliver a higher level of understanding for those practicing in the field.

No application is required. Students should register at least three weeks before classes begin. 

It is recommended that MKT 301: Brand Management is taken first. 

Please contact us for consultation to help determine if this program is right for you.