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3 students standing in front of an agile project management scrum task board 3 students standing in front of an agile project management scrum task board

Advanced Strategic Marketing Techniques

Elevate your marketing. Enhance your strategy.

Program Unavailable as of Fall 2019

Professional Designations - Advanced Strategic Marketing


Students holding careers in marketing may be interested in the following professional associations:


Canadian Institute of Marketing official logo

The Canadian Institute of Marketing is an organization of professional marketers whose credentials are based upon a strong and lengthy period of education in marketing and/or business management. Professional members hold several years of experience at a senior level (with marketing staff supervision responsibilities), or corporate strategic and/or tactical marketing planning positions, or teaching positions in the marketing programs of colleges and universities.

Canadian Institute of Marketing
205 Miller Drive, Georgetown, ON
Phone: (905) 877-5369



Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP®) designation

Certified Marketing Management Professional designation official logo

The CMMP® (Certified Marketing Management Professional) designation is the result of work conducted by marketing professionals and academics representing 192 countries. It is a globally-recognized and well respected measure of professional and academic excellence in the practice of marketing. This program recognizes the perseverance, dedication and competence of successful marketing professionals all around the world. Those who earn the CMMP® demonstrate a deep, yet broad knowledge of marketing. It denotes high professional, educational and ethical standards in marketing and is valuable to those practitioners who earn it, to the clients and organizations they represent and most importantly to the marketing profession itself. Learn more: