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Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Designation


With the financial expertise, strategic thinking, business insight and management skills you'll gain as part of becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), this sought-after designation is your ticket to a world of opportunities in accounting and finance.

To learn more about the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, please visit CPA Ontario

Academic Prerequisites for Admission to the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP)

Before entering the CPA Professional Education Program, you must complete a degree and cover specific subject areas. Specific subject areas may be covered during a university program, or through additional degree-credit courses offered by post-secondary institutions such as McMaster Continuing Education, academic institutions in another country or through the CPA Ontario preparatory courses.

McMaster University Continuing Education offers specific subject courses through flexible and convenient online self-study and virtual classroom learning formats. Refer to CPA Ontario Approved Pre-requisite Courses for approved MCE courses. 

CPA Ontario approved courses: 

Non-Core Prerequisites:
Subject Area  CPA Preparatory Course   McMaster Continuing Education Equivalent Course(s) 
Financial Reporting  Introductory Financial Accounting ACC 925  - Introductory Financial Accounting
Management Accounting   Introductory Management Accounting  ACC 928  - Introductory Management Accounting
Other General Business  Topics   Economics  ACC 818  - Economics 
 Statistics  ACC 855  - Business Statistics
 Business Law  BUS 436  - Business Law
 Information Technology ACC 932  - Management Information Systems*


Core Prerequisites:
Subject Area  CPA Preparatory Course   McMaster Continuing Education Equivalent  Course(s) 
Financial Reporting Intermediate Financial Reporting I ACC 926  - Intermediate Financial Reporting I*
Intermediate Financial Reporting II  ACC 927  - Intermediate Financial Reporting II*
Advanced Financial Reporting ACC 934  - Advanced Financial Reporting
Strategy and Governance  Performance Management  BUS 852  - Business Strategy*
Management Accounting Intermediate Management Accounting  ACC 929  - Intermediate Management Accounting and ACC 930  - Advanced Management Accounting*
Audit and Assurance Audit and Assurance ACC 931  - Auditing*
Finance  Corporate Finance   ACC 933  - Financial Management*
Taxation Taxation  ACC 937  - Taxation I* and ACC 938  - Taxation II*
DAIS Data Analytics and Information Systems 

{Integrated through prerequisites courses marked with * }

*If you're interested in pursuing a CPA designation or registering for individual courses to use toward the CPA PEP, please visit or contact CPA Ontario for further program details such as admission applications, course requirements and membership details.

Learn more about CPA in this video: 

If you're interested in pursuing a McMaster University Certificate or Diploma either on its own, or in conjunction with a professional designation, please contact: Those interested in pursuing degree studies at McMaster University may be eligible for undergraduate academic credit based on completion of our Diploma in Accounting or Advanced Certificate in Accounting. Refer to Future Degree Studies for details.