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Academic Writing

Write successfully in any context.

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Course Descriptions


ACW 101 Fundamentals of Grammar and Style

In this course, students will learn foundational skills required for writing successfully in any context. Designed for students seeking to learn the fundamental rules of grammar and style and/or refresh prior study, the course serves as an excellent touchstone for further growth as a writer. Topics include parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, paragraph structure, identification and correction of common errors, and more. The course also includes practical application activities.
Content Hours: 20

ACW 102 Getting Started – The Elements of Writing

This course is about discovering and practising strategies for successful writing in academic and professional settings. Best practices for the writing process including planning, outlining, establishing position and voice, drafting, editing, and revising will be the focus of the course. Common writing styles and formats will be presented so learners can practise and evaluate their writing skills. An introduction to proper citation formats and policies of academic integrity will be presented.
Content Hours: 20

ACW 103 Ready, Set, Write! Academic Essay Writing

This course is about writing academic essays and other common academic assignments. Strategies explored in the course will help learners to interpret assignment language; establish plans for selecting, researching, and critically evaluating source material; develop coherent thesis statements; and prepare outlines. A series of writing activities will guide learners through the academic writing process as they plan, write, edit, revise and cite their work. An overview of academic integrity principles and practices will also be covered in the course.
Content Hours: 20

ACW 104 What is Academic Integrity?

Ensuring academic integrity is critical in academic writing. Because of the importance of academic integrity, this course focuses on the principles and practices of academic integrity through a series of activities designed to identify, assess, and correct potential cases of plagiarism as well as ensure that academic papers demonstrate a high level of integrity and excellence in general. Strategies and tools to maintain academic integrity through the stages of research, writing, and editing an academic paper will be explored.
Content Hours: 10