Big Data Analytics

Master digital data for meaningful insights.

Big Data. Bigger Career.

Is this program right for me?

Do you fit into any of these categories? 


Have a degree or diploma in science, computer science, technology, mathematics, business, or engineering? 

If you have some knowledge of statistics, computer systems/IT, or an analytical background, Big Data Analytics program is for you.


Have work experience in the field of technology, business intelligence, web analytics, or data analysis?

Yes, this program is a fit for you. Draw on your analytical background to solve business programs and take your skills to the next level. 


Work in a field unrelated to data analytics?

Big Data Analytics provides the opportunity to explore a new career path, or to learn new skills to bring to your current role. You may require some training to prepare you to start the program. Please refer to the Suggested Pre-Requisite List, and contact us to see if this program will be a fit for you.



Do you work in financial,insurance, healthcare, marketing, retail, government, logistics, transportation, information systems, media/entertainment sectors, or other sector that needs data analysis?

This program will give you the fundamental competencies to collect, identify, and analyse data sets.

Maximize your knowledge through the practical application of big data analytics - learn to customize your analysis to your industry. 


Wondering if you need a refresher in statistics or computer/IT skills?

Consult our suggested pre-requisite list for some training options to bring you up to speed to begin the program. Contact us if you aren't sure if your data analysis skills are strong enough. 


Is your degree or diploma not in mathematics, science, or technology-related programs?

Not to worry. Our advisors will consult with you and suggest some pre-requisite training so you can start the program confident in your abilities. Tell us if you have taken some statistics or mathematics courses in the past. Contact us to determine if you are eligible for the program.


Are you a mature student (i.e. you have no post-secondary education)?

Contact us directly. Your work experience may relate to the program, but we can help you decide what pre-requisite courses are needed before you start.