Big Data Analytics

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Big Data Analytics


We are producing vast amounts of data at an ever-increasing pace.

Companies need data analysts to better understand and target customers, machine data is needed to optimize service cycles and supply chain processes, and healthcare organizations analyze big data to optimize treatment, predict diseases, and find cures for diseases (Source).

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Growing Career Opportunities in the field of Data Analytics 

90% of the world's data was reportedly created in the last two years (source).

Organizations are aware of the importance of being able to harness this information to make more effective decisions. With new technological tools, we can now collect and successfully analyze unstructured data in ways that were impossible a few years ago. 


Data Architect and Data Engineer are two of the five most promising tech jobs in 2017.*

Gain entry into the field of big data, data analytics and predictive analytics with McMaster's Big Data Analytics Certificate program to enhance your knowledge and skills required for employment and professional certification. 


High Industry Demand

Work in Finance, IT, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Government Research


Why Choose McMaster's Big Data Analytics Certificate Program:

Identify. Analyze. Interpret. Solve. 

Designed in collaboration with the McMaster University Big Data Institute and the DeGroote School of Business, the Certificate of Big Data Analytics gives you the tools needed to develop core competencies that are in growing demand today. 

Learn to:

  • Identify a business problem and translate it to a analytics problem 
  • Propose, and refine, analytical solutions to business problems
  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and tell stories with data
  • Utilize problem solving techniques and industry-current software tools to test analytical solutions
  • Identify, test, and evaluate model structures to apply to solve a business problem
  • Develop and estimate model life cycles in terms of short, long term benefits to a business 

Expand your Career with Big Data Analytics Today

Learn in person at the downtown Hamilton McMaster CCE location and gain a 6-course academic certificate

5 Core Courses + Capstone Course = Big Data Analytics Certificate


Talent Gap for Big Data Professionals 

Only 25% of executives agree that employees at their companies are ready to extract relevant insights from data that is captured and made available to them.**


 Utilize Industry-Current Tools.

Learn the latest software programs in data analysis:

 SAS Tableau Hadoop Spark (Learning)  Python
 Matlab  SQL Hive Pig IBM Watson and more! 


** The Economist.

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High Industry Demand

Work in Finance, IT, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Government Research